The name “Organicam” - “Organic” with “Cam” suggesting a combination of natural or organic elements with a camera or imaging technology.

potential app functionalities:

  1. Nature Photography: An app designed specifically for capturing and sharing high-quality, nature-focused photographs and videos. It could include features like enhanced filters for landscapes, plant identification through AI, and tips for eco-friendly photography.

  2. Environmental Monitoring: An app that allows users to use their cameras to contribute to environmental monitoring efforts. This could be through documenting plant species, wildlife, pollution, or other ecological data, with the potential for crowdsourcing environmental data collection.


Biosurveillance is an aspect of biodefense relating to the detection of biological threats, including bioterrorist threats.

BioWatch is a US government program to detect biological agents present in the environment through a system of filters.

The collection, management and integration of health-related data for the purpose of improving detection, characterization, prevention and management of health hazards.